We arrived at our last stop in Southeast Asia before we leave to Hong Kong. But first we have two nights in the Philippines capital. Our hotel is located near to the SM Mall Of Asia, one of the largest shopping malls in the world and so the first thing we did in Manila was walking 15 – 20 minutes to the shopping mall and explore the enormous number of shops and restaurants.

We stopped at the “Highlands Prime Steakhouse” and had dinner before we went to the cinema. I had the BBQ Baby Back Ribs and Ari ordered some spaghetti with seafood. Both was delicious but also a little pricey especially with a bottle of wine. But Ari got a free birthday cake for dessert. It’s not her birthday and we were not hungry anymore but thank you!


Before dinner we bought two tickets for “The Jungle Book”. 250 pesos each (5€) is a good price and the cinema seems nice. We got some chip cards to enter the cinema. Fancy system for cinema tickets!


Inside it was cold due to too much air conditioning and Ari forgot to bring a pullover or any other piece of warm clothes. She wanted to go out again to buy something before the movie starts and asked the girl who works there where she can go to buy a scarf. In the end the girl gave her jacket with the words “Anti-Piracy Personnel” to Ari to cover during the movie. A really nice gesture! We had seats in the second last row and behind us were some families with children. Horrible! Screaming, kicking to our seats, eating and what ever you can imagine. So we changed some rows further after 5 minutes. But we realized that the first 20 minutes of the movie in a Philippine cinema isn’t relaxing at all! People arrive, talk, light around with the mobile’s torch. But after some time everything turned quiet and we enjoyed the story of Mowgli, Bagheera and Balu.

After a relaxing night we ordered a taxi to do to the “Fort Santiago”, one of the most important historical sites in Manila and where José Rizal, the Philippine national hero, was imprisoned before his execution in 1896.


After some cultural education we took a taxi and went back to the SM Mall Of Asia to watch another movie and have some dinner. For dinner we found a place called “Beni’s Falafel” where I had a plate of delicious Falafel with Humus and Pita bread. Ari ordered grilled Eggplant with Humus in Pita bread. To drink we had ginger tea with honey and orange.

The movie today was “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”. Today Ari was prepared for the cold and we booked some seats closer to the screen and didn’t get screaming children! The sympathetic girl from the day before was working again in the cinema we were and welcomed us with a friendly “hello”. The movie was ok to see once but nothing too special.

The time in Manila went by fast and are excited to go to Hong Kong!

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