Puerto Princesa

Our first stop in the Philippines was Manila and we had our connecting flight 2.5 hours later to Puerto Princesa. The funny thing is that they give umbrellas to the customers to walk to the airplane because the sun is burning too hot 😳


There we spent 2 nights and did our planning for the 2 weeks we have in this country. The Guesthouse we booked is called “Color Mansion” and located near the airport and so we got a tricycle for 20 pesos (0.40€) to our place. The driver also told us hat we can book tours with him to the underground river or a van up to El Nido. He gave us his number and dropped us at our guesthouse.


We checked in and got a small but clean rooms with air conditioning and no windows but the bed was comfortable and it was quite. Wifi was available outside next to the reception and the speed was not too bad! We wrote Sandra and Eddi who we met on the liveaboard in Komodo Nationalpark and who recommended us the Good Times Bungalows and as a nice coincidence they also just arrived in Puerto Princesa his day and had one night there before leaving to Cebu. So we arranged to meet us for dinner “Gypsys Liar Art Cafe” at 7pm.

After a short nap we walked to the restaurant, which serves Mexican food, to meet Sandra and Eddi. It was good to see them again and to hear their stories from the trip they did since the last time we met. After dinner we took a tricycle back for 20 pesos and went to sleep.

The next morning we had a coffee and enjoyed the “fast” Internet before we started to look for a hotel up in El Nido and found a nice place called “Tapik Beach Park Guesthouse”. The problem was that it is located on the east side of El Nido and 30 kilometers away from El Nido Town next to a small village called Sibaltan. We booked and called our driver from the airport because getting a van at our guesthouse to there was not possible and private cars were priced at 5000 pesos (100€) what was too much for us. Our driver came to our place and took us to his office where we got a van to Sibaltan for 700 pesos each. In the meantime the people from Tapik contacted me and wrote that they can organize a pickup to their place also I. A shared van for 700 pesos. Same price and we were happy not have paid too much.

After everything was organized we started to walk down the street to the harbor to explore the city. We stopped at McDonalds to have a snack and continued to the “famous” church.


There was election time in Puerto Princesa and all over were advertisement for the candidates. My favorite was this guy called Ed Hagedorn, just because his clothes and mustache 😂


In the city was in fact nothing to do so we walked back, stopped at the shopping mall to buy some things before going back to have a nap in our room.

We didn’t buy the Barcelona brandy but another one called “Emperador Deluxe”, produced and bottled in Spain and sold for 160 pesos (~3.20€) the 7.5dl bottle in the Philippines. Don’t ask me about economics but this can’t work. Actually it was very good!

For dinner we went to a pizza place called McCoy’s but my stomach wasn’t so good and I wasn’t hungry when the pizza arrived. We ate one together and had one left but we took it away for the 6 hours mini van ride the next day.

The mini van picked us up on time at 7:30 in the morning and we stored one of our bags in the guesthouse in Puerto Princesa just to not have too much luggage with us and we’ll return here 10 days later to get our flight to Manila.

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