After 10 relaxing days on Gili Air we booked a speed ferry back to Bali. We already booked our flight out of Indonesia before we arrived there and it was from Denpasar (Bali) to Puerto Princesa on the Philippines and we decided to take a hotel near the airport and as everyone told us how horrible it is to stay in Kuta we decided to make us a picture ourselves and booked a room for 3 nights near the Legian road in the center of Kuta. It was a mistake but more to this later.

We booked Hotel Neo and it was not too bad. The location was good and also it was modern with tv and air conditioning. After the speed ferry arrived on Bali we had an inclusive mini van to Kuta as it was quite far away (40 kilometers or 1.5 hours drive). The van dropped us in front of our hotel and we checked in. Then we started to explore our neighborhood and tried to find a Sushi place for Ari and later an Irish Pub for me. We weren’t lucky on both of it and ended up in a restaurant near the beach and shopping mall. The price was good and also was the food. After dinner we walked through the shopping mall and there was a Sushi bar. Too late! After a short walk we went back to the hotel.

The next day we walked down Legian and went to a Sushi Restaurant we looked up in TripAdvisor before. The name is “Kunti II” and it is in a side road to Legian road. We ordered a lot of Sashimi and various Sushi, Japanese Sapporo beer for me and wine for Ari. The Sashimi was amazing!


Later we entered Legian road again but all the “cheap, cheap” shouts from the shops, Marijuana, Kokain, Mushrooms or whatever was just too much and we decided to go to the cinema to watch “Batman vs. Superman”. Probably the best idea we could have in this moment. It was too hot outside and in the cinema it was perfect. The movie wasn’t too bad also and the price of ~3.5€ each was not too high.


We started the following day with breakfast at a place called “Bene Lane” and had some delicious coffee, fruit smoothies, egg Benedict and beagles with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.


After this we went to the famous beach of Kuta. It was horrible. One chair with umbrella next to another and very crowded. We left soon after end continued our way.


We were looking for another shopping mall with another cinema because the one we have been the day before has 3 cinemas but all were running the same movie “Batman vs. Superman”. On the way we stopped at a bar called “Ari Bar” to drink a beer just because of the name 🙂


The next shopping mall wasn’t too far and we arrived 15 minutes after leaving Ari’s bar. The selection of movies wasn’t too big but there were at least more then just one and we decided to watch “13 Hours” which is a true story “after” the war in Lybia and it’s playing in the city of Benghazi. It reminded me a little to the movie “Fargo” but it’s worth to watch it.

On our way back we found an Irish Pub, finally! It’s a nice one but it’s part of a big hotel resort and you have to cross parts of the hotel to get in. But it’s a beautiful and authentic Irish Pub with live music and height prices! So I paid about 9€ for the pint of Guinness. Ok, prices like in Switzerland but shocking after traveling these countries for a long time. But it was a Guinness from the tap! Delicious!

On our way back we stopped in a bar with cheaper beer and happy hour. It started to rain and we decided not to move to fast and ordered another round. After the rain stopped we switched the bar to one with live music and spend our last money we had, just to have enough left for the taxi to the airport the next morning.

And so we finally left beautiful Indonesia from ugly Kuta 5:30 in he morning and we were excited to go to a new chapter of our trip: Philippines!

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