Gili Air Diving

One of the things I wanted to do on Gili Air was diving. We did some research when we arrived and the nearest dive center with also good reviews was Gili Air Divers. It was the only dive center in the north of the island as all the others were in the south / south east nearby the harbor. It is one of three dive centers, one on each of the Gilis (Gili “T” Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air) and owned by a French guy.

We booked a 5 dives package and got 10% off. We had two dives on Thursday, two on Friday, didn’t dive for the weekend and had our last dive on Tuesday. The diving around the Gili islands is nice. Not too much current and many hints to see. Here are reef sharks, turtles, lion fish, giant groupers, a lot of nubibranches and if you’re lucky you can spot manta rays from time to time. We didn’t but our host at Good Times Bungalows saw them while snorkeling some days before.

On our first two days on the first dive in the morning at 9 o’clock we were really lucky as we had the boat for ourselves. Dive guide, Ari and I and one other person. That was perfect because the boats are quite small. But there is no need for big boats as the dive sites are all reachable within 5 – 15 minutes drive and between the dives we returned to the island what makes it very comfortable and also you get the possibility to decide whether you Wat one, two or three dives a day.

We met a lot of nice people diving with us. Also our most of the time divemaster Hendra and one time divemaster Bryce were funny, happy and professional dive buddies.


Our host at Good Times Bungalows recommended us to go diving with Ocean 5 with whom he goes but we already booked our dive package. We went to talk with some of the guys from ocean 5 on our last day and the seem to be really nice people too and the dive center looks huge and very professional!

Dive Sites:

  • Mirko’s Reef: Turtles and Bat Fish, Nubibranches
  • Secret Garden: Turtles and Lion Fish
  • Manta Point: White Tip Reef Shark and Turtles
  • Bounty Wreck: Turtles, Lion Fish, Moray, Giant Grouper and Puffer Fish
  • Shark Point: Reef Shark, Turtles

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