Gili Air Festival 

When we arrived on Gili Air we were told that there will be a big music festival on the island. Therefore the prices for accommodation was also higher then normal because they expected to have sold out all rooms over there. And so it was. A lot of people arrived and asked for rooms but it’s full everywhere. We felt lucky to have a room although it was a little bit more expensive these days.

We investigated on the internet about the Gili Air Festival and found out some shocking information. First, the most horrible thing was: It’s a f***ing trance / hippie festival! Second thing: 60US$ for 3 days!

One day we had dinner at Mowie’s and enjoyed the sunset with 3 German girls who also stayed at Good Times Bungalows when we met 2 Swiss guys. The Swiss already bought a ticket and so we went with them to the entrance. We bargained a little and went down to 300000 Rupees (21€) from 400000 what they wanted for one day. The German girls left as it was too expensive for them and Ari and I went to buy a bottle of whiskey for take away at a bar nearby so we didn’t have to buy drinks inside. The prices there were crazy. They sold 50000 Rupees tickets to buy drinks with and so 50000 was the smallest amount for drinks and that was also the price for a small beer. It’s more en double what it costs normally!

We paid 600000 Rupees entrance fee for both of us and met the Swiss inside. We sat down on the beach and enjoyed the bad quality whisky we bought before. The decorations with all the lights was beautiful and it was quite nice sitting on he beach. Later we went into the crowd but that was just too much for me. A lot of crazy people, probably everyone eating magic mushrooms, dancing to horrible music!



In the end we had a nice evening with the two Swiss guys and supported a big festival on a small island.


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