Phnom Penh

We arrived in Phnom Penh the evening and checked in the hotel. We booked 4 nights because we had problems with the payment of our flight to Bali because of the internet connection on Koh Rong was to bad to finish all. But with the Internet in the hotel it was a thing of 5 minutes and our flight was paid. They reserved the flights until the last minute before leaving but I felt better to have it confirmed 🙂 But because of this we had to make plans to spend 4 more days in this city. We went for dinner to a pizza place that was really good. It’s called “Limoncello Pizzeria & Restaurant”. The pizzas were huge and delicious and they also had good wine.

The second day we met an old friend of mine, Simon Gadient, who lives in Phnom Penh and we went for a drink to a roof top bar. It was a beautiful place and we enjoyed some drinks up there. It was good to see him again after the last time two years ago when I was there with Remo.


We after left to the shopping mall but Ari felt a little bit bad in her stomach and we returned to our hotel soon after. And here we stayed until the next morning.

The next morning we went again to the shopping mall and just walked around the city. But here is not too much to see. For dinner we found a delicious restaurant called “Oskar Bistro”. I had an amazing salad with bacon, foie gras and mushrooms!


He next morning we went for laundry and hired a tuk tuk to bring us to the killing fields, one of the sights to see in Phnom Penh.


For dinner we planned to go to a Spanish restaurant called “Quitapenas”. It was our last night in Phnom Penh and so we decided to eat something special 😉 we arrived there and it was looking really good! It was a beautiful decorated restaurant and had some Catalan style. The food was excellent and when we left Ari started to talk to two people sitting in front of the restaurant talking in Spanish. It turned out one of the guys, Joaquin, was the owner and we sat down and had some more wine and beer with hem and some really good talks. We arrived at the hotel at almost 2 o’clock in the morning and had to prepare our bags because our pickup tuk tuk to the airport was coming in less then 5 hours!


The next morning when we arrived at the airport we met Joaquin again. He was on his way to Bangkok for some interview and some other business he had to do. And we caught our flight to Denpasar, Bali, with 5 hours stopover in Kuala Lumpur.


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