Koh Rong

7 o’clock in the morning we arrived in Sihanoukville. We took a motorbike from the bus station to the ticket office for the speedboat to Koh Rong, bought the tickets for 20$ each to Koh Rong and back to Sihanoukville and were dropped at the pier.


We were here 1.5 hours before the boat left and had good time for a coffee and a small snack. The speed ferry left at 9am and we arrived on Koh Rong 9:45. We arrived on he main pier but had to go to another beach on the back of the island: Sok San.


Two of our friends we met in Laos, on the Slow Boat to Luang Prabang, were waiting there and made a reservation for us at “Thy Sok San Bungalows “. We were the only two people on the taxi boat and paid 5$ each for the 1h trip to the back of the island. When we arrived we tried to find our place but didn’t. We were thinking that the name was a mistake and it is “The Sok San Bungalows” but there were so many with this or a similar name.


We took a rest, ordered a beer and waited. Then we saw Montse and Julia laying on the beach just to the right of us! They showed us the bungalow and we checked in. It was a simple place with some bungalows built over the lagoon and with a nice restaurant in the front.


There is not too much to do on Sok San beach but it’s a perfect place to relax some days! So we went to the beach with Julia and Montse, had some beers, went for dinner and played some cards. The food at Thy Sok San was amazing! The cook and bar man, Bun Rith, prepared amazing food. He learned to cook with an Italian chef and worked there at Thy Sok San for the season. A lot of times I ordered Lok Lak with beef. It was sooo delicious! Also he prepared really nice chicken or beef skewers.


We went to see the sunset at a place a 40 minutes walk on the other end of Sok San beach. There were no bungalows, no hotels, no houses. Only long beach and the ocean. And the sunset was amazing! He next morning, after two nights, Montse and Julia left the island and we had to say goodbye again. But before leaving I got a nice haircut from Montse, thank you 🙂


The next day we did a snorkeling and fishing trip to a complete uncivilized part of the island. We were snorkeling in front of the island in a place with a small reef. It wasn’t very spectacular but also not too bad. After 1h out there we went back to the boat and stopped a little more outside in the ocean for fishing. We got a piece of silk on a roll and a work or something similar on the hook. I caught a small fish and the local guys caught one every 2-3 minutes! When we had enough to feed all the tourists on board we returned to the island and the “crew” prepared the fish and some fresh fruits.


The result was a very delicious dinner on a lonesome beach.


While they prepared everything we had time to help them or to explore the beach. We decided to not help and walked down the beach and took some pictures.


After eating the fish and drinking some beers we entered the boat again and went for night snorkeling. This was so beautiful as there were so much plankton in the water and if you move your hands it starts glowing in a shiny blue color and the dark water starts to look like the night sky full of stars!

We tried to book a flight from Phnom Penh to Bali when we returned to our bungalow. Everything went fine but with the bad internet connection we were not able to finish the payment process because we ran into a timeout all the time! So we ended up having a flight but we’re not able to pay for it. For this we decided to return some days earlier to Phnom Penh to prepare our trip to Indonesia!

We confirmed our return ticket for the speed ferry at our bungalow for the morning of March 7th and also ordered a private taxi boat to get to he main pier on time. The private boat costs 10$ each instead of 5$ but with the public one it was too less time to get the ferry. We also booked the bus from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh the same day.


After 5 nights on the island we had to take the boat back at 7 o’clock in the morning. We arrived early at the main pier and had time for breakfast before the ferry left. In Sihanoukville we took a tuk tuk to the bus company where our bus to Phnom Penh left. It was an old and u comfortable bus but they told us that it will be only 3-4 hours. 6 hours in the bus and we finally arrived our destination! And we were lucky and the bus stopped just 200 meters from our hotel “Hotel Zing” next to the Central Market.

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