Ho Chi Minh to Siem Reap by Bus

In the morning of February 28th we were picked up at 5am to get to the bus to the Border of Cambodia. When we arrived at the bus we had to wait half an hour until we entered. There were only a few people in the bus. 3 Chinese girls, a girl and a guy from France, one Finnish guy and we two. The people from the bus company started asking for the 35$ for the visa but all the people around us told that they want to buy the visa themselves because it only costs 30$ at the border. In the end all of us had to buy the visa at the border. Although I was thinking about paying 5$ more and not to have to go for the visa. And in the end it turned out it would have been the better idea. But more to this later.

When we arrived at the border 2.5-3 hours later we went first for the visa. The Finnish guy went straight through and was done really fast. The Chinese and the French had to pay 32$ each instead of 30$ and when they asked why they didn’t explain. We just gave 60$ for both of us and we got the visa. The Chinese also had to pay 1$ each to get the stamp at the emigration counter. It is not clear how they make he prices there!


When we did the immigration and looked for the bus we saw one from the bus company and he told us that we have to walk 2 kilometers to a restaurant and wait there! Without any explanation where it is. Just walk 2 kilometers in the hot sun of the middle of the day! I think this wouldn’t happen if we paid the 5$ more in the bus. So we took a motorbike for 1$ each and were dropped at the restaurant. The Finnish guy was already there. But no bus. So we spent our last Vietnamese Dong and joined the Finnish guy drinking beer. He was already 5 beers ahead. We waited, drank beers, continued with Ron and no bus was coming. All because of not paying 5$ to them!


3 hours waiting in the restaurant and then a bus arrived which went to Phnom Penh. It wasn’t our bus probably but we entered and arrived in Phnom Penh another 3 hours later. The Finnish guy was sleeping on the floor of the bus. Understandable after what he drank! He actually lives in Sihanoukville and to do that you have to be a little crazy!


After 2 more hours there we finally had a bus to Siem Reap. Short before midnight we finally arrived in Siem Reap! We checked in for our room at “288 Boutique Villa” and ordered a tuk tuk for the next day to explore the temples of Angkor!

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