Ho Chi Minh City

We arrived late night in Ho Chi Minh City and took a taxi from the Airport to our hotel. We called them before that we’ll arrive late and when we arrived we had to wake up a girl sleeping on a sofa in the lobby to get our room. But she was really friendly and short after we fell down to our bed at the Yen Trang 2 hotel.

The next day we tried to do some sightseeing but realized that it was too hot and we ended up having breakfast / lunch at a Mexican restaurant not to far from our hotel and returned there after finishing our enchiladas. Very delicious! We booked our bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap at our hotel. We can do this in just 12-14 hours and we’ll arrive the same day there as we leave in Ho Chi Minh. Total cost: 15€. We were happy to have our trip planned for the next step and finally went for our city sightseeing.

The traffic with motorbikes is even worst then in Hanoi but not worst enough to not walk through the city. We didn’t see too much but then arrived at an Irish Pub. I don’t know why but I just can’t say no to Irish Pubs and so we had to enter. Unfortunately they didn’t have Guinness from the tap but luckily we are also happy with a cold Magners Cider! We were early and could enjoy the pool table for us alone! We ordered some more Magners and also had dinner in there. Beef and Guinness pie, amazing! In the end I took a Guinness in a can just to have had a Guinness after a long time. And so the first day in Vietnam’s capital went by very fast but we didn’t see a lot of the city.


The next day we had breakfast / lunch just around the corner from our hotel. I had a Mexican Salat Bowl with chicken and rice. It was ok but nothing special. Before we left to the War Museum we stopped at a small shop which was laundry service with 2 washing machines with tumblers, travel agency and who knows what else on 4 square meters. But we were her to make fotos for the Cambodia visa. They hung a blanket down the washing machines which served as the foto background.


We picked up the fotos 5 minutes later and started to walk to the museum.


The museum told the war history of Vietnam what was very interesting and e stories were supported with a lot of fotos. When we left it was almost getting dark and we found a nice bar not far from the museum where we had some beers before taking a shower at the hotel and celebrate our last day in Vietnam with a Sushi dinner! After waiting 5-10 minutes hey had a table for us and we ordered sushi rolls, sashimi for mi, a bottle of red wine and it was fantastic! The place is called “Ichiba Sushi Vietnam” and was not too far from our hotel.

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