Hoi An, Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh City

We booked our flight to Ho Chi Minh at the hotel in Hoi An and it left at 14:05 from Da Nang. We thought. But when I got the confirmation for the flight at the reception before we were picked up at the hotel I was curious and looked up the flight information at the website of Vietjet Air. Ther I was told that our flight is at 10:45. I was a little surprised when I saw this and went straight back to the girl at the reception. She took the telephone and started calling around. The time on the confirmation was 14:05 but the internet told us something else. After a while it was clear what happened: they changed the departure time to more then 3 hours earlier and tried to call the travel agency the evening before but they were already closed. At the hotel we were told that we have to go to the airport and we’ll get a flight at 15:30. We entered the car, stopped at the travel agency and asked why they didn’t tell us the Chang of departure time. The answer was: “We didn’t see the email, we cannot read all the emails we get.” Ok, and why do we pay you money to book us a flight?

We arrived at Da Nang airport at 12:30 and went straight to the check in and behaved as we didn’t know the time has changed. Didn’t help. We were told that they could be a flight at 17:00. Ok, another 1.5 hours later then the last information. But we had to go to the VietJet counter to get a new ticket. 17:00 was full already and the next flight is at 22:00. WTF??? We confirmed this one and had an unplanned day in Da Nang. At least the car dropped us for free in the city center.


We went for Pizza at Limoncello’s, ordered a Pizza and a bottle of wine. Not to bad! Later on we tried to discover he city but ended up in a commercial center searching a toilet. The same moment we realized that there is a cinema inside and Deadpool starts in 5 minutes! The tickets are 2.5€ each, fair price! So we went to see Deadpool and weren’t disappointed, we really liked it! After the movie we started to walk towards the airport which was 5-6 kilometers away and arrived there 2 hours befor our flight finally left to Ho Chi Minh City!


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