Hoi An

We arrived this lovely town at noon the 22nd of February. The bus stopped 200 meters away from our hotel Thanh Van 1 and we didn’t have to take a taxi again. But also here it’s possible to get asked if we need a taxi 10 times in this short distance. The hotel looked nice and the swimming pool invited to jump in. While we waited for our room to be prepared they “offered” to have a look at the tailor that belongs to the same family as the hotel and for guests they have a 20% off to the “regular” price. Depends on how much you bargain 🙂 We talked with the girls at the store and also the ratings on tripadvisor were really good. We decided to make our suite and dress here. We planned to go to the tailor before we arrived in Hoi An and also planned to stay 3 nights to have enough time to get good quality. I choosed a 3 part suit in dark blue color and Ari ordered 2 dresses. Vietnamese girls usually aren’t very tall and so she had to step on a chair to take my measurements what was kind of funny 😉


After we chose the material, color and let them take the measurements we went to our room for a little nap. In the later afternoon we started to explore he city of Hoi An. We read that the food should be amazing and choose a restaurant called “Morning Glory” for dinner. But first we were attracted by a bar with a sign in front: Beer from the tap 3000 Vietnamese Dong. That is 12€-Cents per 3dl glass! After spending 24€-Cents each we went to explore the riverside old town of Hoi An.


The architecture is beautiful and the streets are colorful decorated. After a short stop att he Japanese bridge we continued to walk along the river and then returned to have dinner at the Morning Glory restaurant. There was a big queue in front and they told us to wait 45 minutes for a table. We got a beeper so they could call us when the table is ready. In the meantime we went for a Passion Fruit Mojito just in front at a restaurant with happy hour. Later we got our table, one just next to the window on the side of the entrance what was probably one of the best tables in the restaurant, and started to read the menu. We ordered fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, pork belly with rice and a prawn curry for Ari and a bottle of red wine. The food was amazing and we had a view to the open kitchen just in the middle of the restaurant.


After the dinner we took a little walk through the night market. The market fits perfectly into the city with all the lights and colors, it’s beautiful. During he night there are a lot of candles floating on the river and together with the colorful illumination of the city it looks like a dreamland.


The next morning we had to visit the tailor for a first fit of our clothes. It fitted perfectly and we left quickly. We rented a bike in front of our hotel, went for a breakfast sandwich and left the city to see the beach. It is 4-5 kilometers away from the “main” city and we passed some rice fields with buffaloes before arrived the beachside of the city. It was a little bit cloudy this day and not the best temperature to have a swim in the sea. It was 21 degrees Celsius what was just a good temperature to lay down a little bit at the beach. Luckily there are people walking around an they sell ice cold beer.

In the evening we went for dinner in the restaurant we had the Passion Mojito the day before. I ordered Passion chicken what was amazing! Chicken cooked in the meat of the Passion Fruit and served in the skin of the fruit. After having dinner we met Anja who worked with me and a friend of her for a drink at he dive bar. Probably the most expensive bar in all Hoi An but it was nice and they had live music.


We started our last day like the day before. We went to the tailor to fit our clothes again. His time they were almost finished and looked really nice. We have to come back one last time in the evening and then they will also call one from the post office to send all to Switzerland. We spent the day walking around the city and had a sugarcane juice next to the river. Later the day we returned to the tailor and sent our finished dress and suite to Switzerland. Sending photos airplane with insurance was around 70$. It’s not cheap but better then carry it 2 more months all over Southeast Asia.


We finished our day at the Italian restaurant called “Good Morning Vietnam” and had one of the best pizza I’ve ever had in Asia! We ordered the food together with a bottle of Italian red wine.

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