When we arrived in Hue with the sleeper bus it was raining. But luckily our hotel was only 200 meters from where we stopped and the room was prepared 20 minutes after we arrived. We had time to get a coffee and entered our room at 8 o’clock in the morning. We were happy not to have to wait until 2pm. Although the bus trip was quite comfortable it was 12 hours in a bus and that’s not the same as in a regular bed, of course! We stayed at “Sunny Fine Guesthouse” located near the Main Street with a lot of bars and restaurants and not to far from the old city of Hue, “Hue Imperial City (The Citadel)”.


The first day we had a little bit bad weather and started a city tour by foot. We spotted some possible places for diner and also some nice bars to go later in the evening. Here was not too much to do in this city unless you leave to the tombs and temples outside or visit the Imperial City. But this was our plan for the next day as we saw on the weather forecast that it’s getting better. For dinner we found some really good Pizza and a bottle of wine. We choose some Italian there is some famous wine in Vietnam, from the region of Dalat, but it’s supposed to be one of the worst experiences you can make one for this we pay four times the price for a bottle you at least can drink more or less. But finding some really good wine and for an affordable price is almost impossible in this country. After dinner we went to the “Brow Eyes Bar”. Just around the corner of our hotel. Free shot and 2 for 1 for the first round was an argument to go inside. And the sign in front told: Open until the last black outs. And so we had some gin tonic followed by buckets of gin tonic, B52 and some beers we got from some local guys. It was good fun dancing with Vietnamese people, they were really funny!


He next morning we rented bicycles and went to see the tomb 10 kilometers outside the city. The sun was good and not burning too hot but the gin tonic was still present and it was hard to motivate ourselves to go all the way. But we did! After leaving the city there was some really nice landscape next to the river until we crossed a big bridge and we arrived at our destination the “Minh Mang Tomb”.


We parked our bike where a man showed us to park them but when we left to the entrance of the tomb we realized that it wasn’t the main parking and we had to buy a drink when we returned. Some stupid mistake but I wanted a coffee anyway 🙂 The tomb itself was very beautiful with a great park surrounding.


We left, drank the coffee and rode straight to the Imperial City. No more temples it tombs today. But we found some really beautiful roads off the main road through small villages above a small hill with a view point on top a tower. We stopped to take some pictures befor we went to Hue city. We arrived later then planned and the imperial city was already closed and we couldn’t enter. But there was a good sunset and we enjoyed the view with the sun going down over the old part of Hue while enjoying a cold beer and some snack in a small local restaurant just in front of the town walls.


The next morning we had our bus to Hoi An. It was a small and quite uncomfortable bus but it took us only 3 hours to get there so it wasn’t too horrible.

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