Tubing Day

The temperature is getting higher and the sun is shining this wonderful morning. Everything fits perfect for having a relaxing day on the river! We meet in front of our hotel and search a place for breakfast we saw on tripadvisor what was called “Cafe Paris” or something like that. We didn’t even imagine this place could be closed but the sign in front of the door said clearly: Open 6pm. But luckily there was another place just around the corner and we prepared ourselves for the day with some club sandwiches and coffee.


After finishing we walked to the city center to find the place we can get a tube. Y got number 85 and the tubes for he 9 of us were placed on the top of a tuk tuk and we sat down inside. After a 15 minutes drive we finally reached the starting point at the river! We bought some beers at the restaurant just before entering the water.


The sun was shining and we float on the river! There was a slightly current and we got a good speed but not too much. First they wanted us to enter the first bar just 100 meters after the starting point. Too early and we didn’t finish our beer yet. A short while after floating some 2-3 kilometers I realized that everything has changed since I was here two years ago and the bar I liked was closed. But there was another one and we were told it was the last one. So we left.


A bucket of local Whisky with Coke for 50000 Kip is a fair price I think and we switched between beer and bucket. The was also a volleyball field and we started a game and were joined by some more people short after. It was good fun although the ball was going to the river from time to time or we had to chase the cows to get the ball.



Also if it is not the same as years ago before they closed most of the bars the tubing is really worth to do if you’re in Vang Vieng. Especially if you’re a part of a good group of people!


To finish our last day all together we went for a cocktail in to the bar with the best sunset in town! It was probably the best place to see the sunset and the cocktails were also really good. At this point it’s time to say goodbye to Laos and thank you to Florian, Julia, Laurence, Victor, Montserrat, Azahara and David you were just amazing! We will miss you guys!

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