Elephant Cave

The day after celebrating Ari’s birthday we left to Vang Vieng. We booked a minivan for all 9 of us together and they told us not to be a problem. However, when the pickup car dropped us at the bus station there were none of our friends. After waiting about 2 hours we picked the last minivan in direction of Vang Vieng. They told us that our friends already left and if we don’t take this one we have to wait another 4 hours. That’s an argument although it was a lie and they didn’t know about our friends. But Vang Vieng is small and we’ll meet them there. And so we did. As we arrived we somehow hit a motorbike and the time we stopped we saw our friends sitting here on the corner of the street looking for a hotel! We checked in to our hotel and met again in the evening for dinner at an Indian restaurant called Nazam. The food was good and we made our plans for a bike tour the next day to the elephant cave 16 kilometers outside of Vang Vieng.


The next morning we met for breakfast until we went to the cave. We made a reservation for 9 mountain bikes the evening before and when we arrived there, of course, there were only 7. For this two of us had to take the city bike for the trip. For breakfast we had some sandwiches which were good but the make the food with too much oil all the time and he sandwich was more like o motor leaking the oil. But it was good. Ham, Bacon and a lot of onions without mayonnaise nor sweet chili sauce, that’s important!

When we left some of the bikes made problems and we had to return to the shop we got them. 30 minutes later we were all prepared and ready to go!


The first 10-12 kilometers are just along he road and not too much fun. But after this we left to countryside with the river in between of farmland and mountains! Amazing!


We found the cave where Remo and I were two years ago and thought this would be he elephant cave. It wasn’t. But it was also beautiful. After visiting this cave we made our way to find the real elephant cave. We lost some of our group but then met again just in front of our point of interest! Too many people there and we went for a beer.


We skipped the big cave but went to see another one, the water cave. It was freezing cold as the sun already left and didn’t reach the place in front of the cave. We entered anyway. With a tube under the ass we pulled ourselves through the cave along a rope provided for exactly this use case. Inside the cave the water got u expectedly a little warmer. And some short time after all the other tourists left the cave and we had it for ourselves. Switching off all the light and it was really relaxing floating in the dark.


Outside we dried our bodies and ordered some beers before heading back to Vang Vieng and get prepared for the next day’s big adventure: Tubing!

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