Happy birthday Ari

Monday, February 8th, was Ari’s birthday. And of course we had some plans to celebrate it! She wanted to go for some Karaoke with our new friends but this later.

Breakfast in “Le Café Ban Vat Sene” with fresh bread and good Sandwiches like the one my birthday girl had: Feta Cream, Olive Caviar and Bacon, yum yum! After this we found our friends in a restaurant only some meters away from where we’ve been and we join them to do some sightseeing. We ended up on the Bamboo Bridge again and only some of us crossed, the others went for some beers. Before sunset we all met to go up to he temple on Mount Phousi from where we had a great view all over Luang Prabang but we had to share it with too many people and we left soon after we arrived. But it could be beautiful if ther weren’t tourists up there 😉


After dinner on the food corner at the night market we went to find a Karaoke place. So we asked a tuk tuk and lets go! We were dropped at a hotel and they told us that on the side is a Karaoke club. So we entered, prepared with a beer in the hand, and as fast we were inside we were told to leave again. Yay, that was fast and no Karaoke. Maybe western looking people sing to bad, we didn’t even had the chance to try!, or it was the beer. Who knows. But luckily this place wasn’t too far from the Luang Prabang Bowling Alley!

We started to walk the almost 1 kilometer. On the way we found a local bar with music and decided to enter there to get some drink before throwing the balls. When we entered the bar there was another birthday party going on and kind as we are we started to sing happy birthday in three different languages. Happy birthday little Laotian girl! And happy birthday Ari! The other girl brought us some cake and was almost crying when we finished singing. Probably we were really just too bad singers! They didn’t have Lion Whiskey here so we started playing our card game with Beerlao or Leo beer, I don’t remember which one it was.


When we arrived at the bowling place there were only we and no one else. Perfect, so we finally can play bowling! Prepared with a bottle of Lion Whisky we divided into two groups, boys and girls 🙂 It was a really hard fight! Ok, only between Victor and me but in the end I had one of my best bowling games of my life and won the competition this day! After three rounds of Bowling we switched to playing cards and continued with some more Lion until we were told to leave at 2 o’clock in he morning. But the bowling place filled over the time with a lot of tourists till it was really full in the end!


This was also the end of our time in Luang Prabang and the next morning we leave all together to Vang Vieng! I’m really looking forward to do some tubing again 😀

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