Card Games & the Bowling Place

We started our first real day in Luang Prabang with some breakfast before we went to rent a bicycle to make a sightseeing tour through the city. There are many temples to see and a bamboo bridge to cross the river what costs around 1€ but is quite funny.


The real good sight we found was the “Lao Lao Garden” restaurant! All day happy hour 2 Lao cocktails for 1 and that makes 20000 Laotian Kip together! That’s less then 2.5€ for the two drinks! So we parked our bikes and had some of these cocktails. We arranged to meet our friends in front of the Opera House. So we took our bikes with some Mao Tao, Lao Sour and Pink Gay in our blood to find them. We explained them the how it works at the bar we’ve just been and short after we are on the way back there. Of course we returned our bikes first!

We got a nice table for 9 people in the garden and started to order some of the local drinks again. Then we had to learn the “Circle of Death” card drinking game. If you want you can read the rules in the Wikipedia article of Circle of Death. We had some different rules but the principal was the same 😉


After some rounds of playing they didn’t like us anymore in the restaurant with the cheap drinks so we left to find some food. We found some in the night market food corner not to far away. Fried noodles, a beer, sausages and some more barbecue. The noodles were good, the meat wasn’t. But it was cheap.


In Laos everything closes really early but we didn’t have enough. After asking a little around we were told to go to the Luang Prabang Bowling Alley. Bowling wasn’t what we were looking for but if it is the only thing to do late night why not. A tuk tuk dropped us there for 60000 Kip all 9 of us together and we were motivated to throw some balls.

Unfortunately there was no lane available and we just sat down at a big table in the middle of the hall. It turned out that a bottle of Lion Whisky was 40000 Kip (5€ for 7dl!). We got a bottle on our table, picked up the cards again and no one was thinking of bowling anymore. It turned out that the bowling place can also be a good place to just have some fun if everything else in Luang Prabang is closed 🙂 Just go there with the right people and that’s what we did!



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