Off to Laos

The green Bus from Chiang Mai to Chiang Khong leaves at 9:39 in the morning and so we walk to the Britannia to get the tuk tuk. It was already there and we arrived on time at the Chiang Mai bus terminal. The bus was late, as expected, but then we started our 6 hours bus ride to the north with a little delay.

On arrival in Chiang Khong we grab another tuk tuk to the “Namkhong Guesthouse and Resort”. We didn’t know what to expect because we upgraded our room to one with private bathroom instead of a shared one and the price went up from 200 to 250 bath what makes around 6.30€ in the end for both of us. We were not bad surprised when we saw the beautiful swimming pool and the green nice garden the was waiting for us! Also the room was really nice.


We grabbed a beer and went for a swim before going to buy the tickets for the slow boat to Luang Prabang. We read a lot of good and bad stories about the two days on the Mekong river and just wanted to get our own impressions.


We had dinner in a small Mexican restaurant, The Bamboo House, and got some live music from the owner who learned himself to play the guitar. He also explained that he never has been in Mexico but the food was delicious! But there was nothing more going on in his small town. There was a sign to a bar that seemed to be good but when we arrived there were some three people drinking beer and we left and went back to the hotel.

The night was not so relaxing as the walls were thin as paper and a Swiss guy and hit Thai girlfriend head some pleasure before starting to make there plans for the further days at 5:30 in the morning with some loud discussions! But there will be 8 hours to rest on the slow boat.

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