Phoenix Park & Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai we were looking for some one day trip or activity and went to the guesthouse “The Britannia” where I stayed about two years ago as they were really helpful. We decided to go to “Phoenix Adventure Park” where we can climb up in the trees and do some zip lining. It is a new attractions near Chiang Mai and good fun. The park itself is beautiful and after finishing the 19 different “paths” it’s a good place to have some beers while waiting for the bus that brings you back to the city.



Back in town we headed directly to the bus station to buy tickets to go to Chiang Khong from where we cross the boarder to Laos. The ticket costs 266 Bath each ant the trip takes about 6 hours. Pickup service to the bus station is organized and payed by The Britannia because we booked the Adventure Park there. Thank you for that!


The rest of the days we spend with “Sunday Night Market” which is really nice but far too crowded, celebrating my birthday with some spa and good dinner with Guinness, wine and Meat Pie, and just walking around the city.

Let’s go to the last destination in Thailand. Chiang Khong!

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