Koh Tao – Sail Rock

It is Saturday morning and we had to be prepared for our trip to “Sail Rock” at 6 o’clock in the morning. That was really early! After collecting our BCD, fins and mask we went down to the boat in the darkness of the early morning hours. Grabbing a coffee and then sit on the sun deck (there was no sun yet) and relax again. It will be a 2.5 hours boat trip out to our destination.


Shortly after leaving the sun comes up to say hello. It is a wonderful sunrise out in the sea! Dean (again my private divemaster) and I we prepare our equipment shortly after we were on the boat so we can stop thinking about for the rest of the trip. Ari decided to make her deep dive certification what is a short theoretical part and only one dive below 18 meters and so we can go diving together until 30 meters whenever we want. And she does his with her private instructor Shelly on the first of our 3 dives today.

Sail Rock is an amazing place to dive and probably the best in the gulf of Thailand! We saw big school of Barracudas and Bat Fish swimming all around us und swimming up in the Chimney was really nice. In the middle of the dive we met Ari and Shelly who just finished their deep dive exercises and finished their dive with us.


The second dive at Sail Rock we did together, Ari and I, with Dean as our divemaster. Again there were loads of schools of all kind of fish, giant grouper and morays. It was the first and hopefully not last dive together with Ari and it was really good fun!


Up on the the boat there was time to take a nap and they prepared some delicious rice and curry for lunch. After a two hours boat trip we arrived our destination for the last dive this day: “South West Pinnacle”. We were excited to go down there as we could see the grounded the ocean from the boat because of the clear water! He visibility was awesome and the fishes showed up in large numbers. A great last dive for an amazing day like this!


On the boat we finally got our well deserved cold “San Miguel Light” and Patrick, a Dutch guy, prepared some Sang Som with Red Bull and Coke! A deadly mix in the hot sun of the early afternoon 😉



Back on land there were time to get some more beer and drinks with the diving buddies from Sairee Cottage Diving!



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