Koh Tao – Diving Day Nr. 2

On my second day for diving I had to get up at 6:30 again as we started at 7:00 in the morning. Our today’s destination is Chumphon Pinnacle where we have two dives at the same spot. I’m a little bit excited because it is the place where we saw two whale sharks two years ago!

The boat trip out there takes around 30-40 minutes and we started diving a little bit after 8 o’clock. Chumphon Pinnacle is out in nowhere and so we jump into the blue and seeing nothing but dark below of us. While descending they came lots of fish crossing our view! On our way down we saw an enormous Spanish mackerel behind a big group of barracudas! We went down to 32 meters but only spent around 35 minutes down.

Back on the boat we had enough time to enjoy the “Sairee Cottage diving Boat’s” sun deck and relax a little. Our second dive was more then one hour later and we started to prepare at 10:00.


On our second time down we saw huge schools of fish! Smaller yellow colored fish of which I don’t know the name. But also some huge grouper, barracudas and banner fish. And then we rescued some trapped fish out of cages laying on the ground or the sea! When we went back there was heavy current and also because of being in about 30 meters depth I was down at 20 bar when we started the safety stop and I had to go up to the surface before reaching the boat because I got out of air.

   It was an amazing day out at Chumphon Pinnacle and we had some great fun all together.

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