Koh Tao – Diving Day Nr. 1

Yesterday, Wednesday 20th January, I had my first two dives since almost two years! So I had to do a refreshing course the day before. This actually was really good to remember some things like doing he buddy check correctly or some signs I didn’t have present anymore. The same time Ari had her first theoretical lessons for her PADI open water certification.


So on Wednesday I went out with the boat to our first spot: Green Rock. Here we went down to about 26 meters in 48 minutes and passed through some small caves or tunnels what I really liked. There were some morays, blue spotted rays parrot fish, banner fish and grouper fish. The second spot was red rock with 24 meters depth and a time of 53 minutes. This one was similar to the first but with a lot of trigger fish so we had to be a little careful because of ther likeliness to attack due to defense their living space.

In the meantime Ari had some more classroom lessons and started with her first tries in the pool.


In the evening we experienced a wonderful sunset and went for a pizza at “Porto Bello’s” what was really delicious!

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