Koh Tao

The boat trip from Koh Samui to Koh Tao was really painless. The ocean was quiet and we had some nice fresh air in our face. After 20 minutes we stopped at Koh Phangan island to let some people out and others in and had the chance to buy some cold fruit ice from some ladies waiting on the side of the boat.


About another 45 minutes later we arrived at the ferry pier in Koh Tao. The exit was crowded with so many people trying to sell some hotel or taxi or other services. We had our taxi transfer from the pier to Sairee Cottage included but I forgot to tell them when we arrive and we started walking along he small road to our hotel.

It took us about 30 minutes (2.4 km) to walk in the burning sun until we arrived. Directly on arriving we did some paperwork for the diving and got the keys to our Bungalow at beach front,maybe 5 meters away from the water! We entered the sea to have some refreshing but the water is so hot it’s not refreshing at all. But nice and quiet. No waves at all what is quiet a difference to what we had in Sri Lanka!


After a short swim we went for some food (fried chili basil leafs with rice and a pizza) and then it was siesta time for us again. The quick get up in the morning and the boat trip combined with some hangover is tiring.

In the evening we did a short tour to inspect our neighborhood by foot and ended up at the “Fizz Bar” or have some small dinner and a drink.

It feels so good to be back in Koh Tao!

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