Koh Samui

After a long trip from Hikkaduwa to Koh Samui we finally arrived at our destination and we happy that we could enter the Bungalow a little earlier to make some Siesta before exploring the busy area around Chaweng Beach.

After sleeping three to four hours we felt ready to leave. First stop: “The Islander” bar with Guinness, Kilkenny and Cocktails for 100 bath (2.50€) each. We took some drinks there and some Nachos to not get knocked out to early. Ari wanted some Sushi for diner so we went to the not so far restaurant “Tai by Red Snapper”, the best Sushi in Koh Samui if we trust Tripadvisor. I ordered some variation of five Sashimi and Ari took a diversity of Nigiri, Maki, Temaki and however these rolls are called. And a bottle of Australian red wine. Nothing to do every day if traveling around for a while but worth every bath. To finish and let the fish go down we ordered an espresso with whisky and cognac. Perfect finish!


As we left there was heavy rain coming up and we get all wet in seconds. So we run down the street and found us again in a bar called “Bondi Aussie”, as the name says an Australian bar, with live music. We stood there for a while t prepared and wait until the club “Green Mango” opens his doors at around midnight. So we let the first day in Thailand come to an end with music, dancing, gin tonic and some of the weirdest kind of tourists. But it was good fun!


The second day we started with the breakfast at the hotel and wend sleeping again. I activated the alarm clock in the night what I thought it was a fantastic idea but it turned out in the morning hat it wasn’t.

After sleeping some more we started our discovery tour through the streets and ended up at he Sushi restaurant again. But as we where early this time we entered on time to get Sushi as much as you want for 690 bath. That sounds fair! As an appetizer I ordered chicken sticks but after I ate the first I realized they forgot to cook them and a got a little worried about having eaten uncooked chicken. But nothing happened.

After eating and some shopping we went to the “Ark bar” where we waited to meet Manie and Noon, who I met together with Remo two years ago in Koh Samui. We sat down in front of the beach and watched the guys from he bars playing with fire and had some Sangsom run. A little later Manie and Noon arrived with some friends from their work at the airport and it was really nice to meet them again after all this time!


It wasn’t planned but we ended up all together at “Green Mango” again and danced and had some good fun together!

In the end we arrived a little later at home as I intended to with having in mind that we have to catch our boat to Koh Tao the next morning (and I remember the boat trip with Remo two years ago!). And so it came that we overhead the alarm in the morning, missed our breakfast and had to hurry straight to the pier! We arrived in time and entered the boat and luckily got some chairs on the top at the fresh air!

Koh Tao here we come!

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