Final days in Sri Lanka and goodbye 

The last days in Sri Lanka were mostly about doing nothing. Relaxing on the beach, playing cards, drinking some beers, having barbecue and watching the sun going down behind the Indian Ocean.

We visited all the good locations for food. Like Neela’s on the beachfront (to have the best deviled chicken in Hikkaduwa and to see our friend Chamara of course), Anula’s for some typical rice and curry and once for some delicious deviled prawns and deviled chicken and one day to bring some variation we went to have a pizza at “Differente Italian food & pizza”.

In the middle of the week they did a big fish barbecue at Why Not to say goodbye to Casper from Denmark and we were invited to join in. There were three big fish, french fries, rice and pineapple salad. Amazing!

Then of course here had to be the day we go for some party the last days! We started at Mambo’s where we had some Arrack Attack and Black Russian which were really good! As many other people I’m not doing really well with Arrack but anyhow, I like it. After Mambo we went to Top Secret where we ordered some Special Attack, whatever may have been inside (some passion fruit I guess, and maybe Arrack), but it was great! Here we met a crazy Australian guy and took some midnight snack, freshly prepared Roti!

The next and second last day was a little lazy (thank you f…ing Arrack, I should have known better) and we had time to write and send some postcards. In the evening we found a nice Moroccan restaurant just in front of Why Not and they have the largest Schnitzel in town. And probably the only ones. So we ordered a Schnitzel sandwich and we were not disappointed. Huge and really good! They also sell fresh made Müesli, Falafel, Shawarma, Humus. So we already decided where to go for the last day’s lunch.

The last day in Hikkaduwa was filled with card playing and eating Shawarma. But too soon there came the time to say goodbye to Massimo and Sarah. Peter, Ralf, Ari and I had to leave and the other two left in our group had two more nights in Sri Lanka. And so we left to the airport. It took us two and a half hours until we arrived.

In front of the check in counter it’s time to also say goodbye to Peter and Ralf but the good is that we don’t have to go home and instead enter an airplane in direction of Koh Samui with stopover in Bangkok. Thailand we are coming!

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