Wunderbar Reggae Fest 2016

This was probably the last day in Sri Lanka we had to get up early in the morning. We promised Kosala to go with him to the “Wunderbar Reggae Fest” in Bentota. Ok, no one of us really likes Reggae music excepting of Ralf. So we planned al the day staying in Bentota and go Deep Sea Fishing and doing some water sports befor the big party in the evening.

The party people in our group didn’t really agree to not stay at Vibrations in Hikkaduwa for the big Friday party with Bongo players and “dancing” music and to get up early instead to go to Bentota and the Reggea party.

So we left 8:45 AM and arrived about 10 o’clock in Bentota. Kosala was already waiting for us and the boat for fishing was ready and prepared with the different fishing rods. On the boat Kosala told as that he bought some food and water but there is no beer. After the first shock we thought that this probably isn’t so bad as the day will be long enough also without drinking beer before noon.


We started and left the lagoon and entered the ocean. The sun was already burning really hot and Ari and I decided to lay down on the front deck. We fall asleep, burned our skin horribly and woke up maybe 1.5 hours later with the head hurting from the sun. And so it came the Ari got seasick and didn’t move a lot anymore.


The fishes didn’t bite the rods hanging in the water during the drive into the open sea. And so we stopped and let the anchor in without having any fish yet. But now it’s time for fisherman Peter to try by hand and for the others to take a refreshing swim around the boat. One or two of us had some problems entering the boat again. Kosala, the captain and Sarah caught some small fish, the others not. But anyway. For me it wasn’t a fishing trip, it was a sun, fun and swim ocean trip and for this I was happy.


After returning without tuna nor red snapper four of us went to the beach and Ralf did some wake boarding with Kosala and Sarah as camera girl. He did really well for the first time!


There were some really nice waves at the beach this day!


Before the big party we wend for dinner at the “Golden Grill” restaurant to get some filet steaks. After all the rice and curry and deviled chicken (I love deviled chicken!) this was a welcome change. The lobster Ari had was too overpriced for the small piece she get. But the Filet steak was really good with mushroom and onion sauce. And after all they make really good Irish Coffee! Warm up the glass on fire, burn the Jameson Whisky, put the coffee inside and top all together with some cream. Delicious!


Now it’s almost time for the festival. But first we went down to the beach, a nice quiet place in front of a 5 star hotel, to get some warm up Arrack and to meet some friends of Kosala.


After some bottles of Arrack with music and talking we walked along the beach and entered the festival. The entrance price of 1000 rupees was ok and everything was made really nice with light in different colors on the trees. The bongo players were in action when we arrived there and some like gnome dresses men were playing with fire. A really good ambience. And then the first of tree Reggea bands started playing. All we not Reggea lover were really surprised and impressed of the live performance and so we all woke up and had a really good party all together with dancing, Arrack and beer. And some of us were singing also, more or less…


At half past one in the morning it was enough and we said good bye to Kosala and his friends and good guy Sumit drove us back to Hikkaduwa this early morning. Arriving in Hikkaduwa we walked to Mambo and thought it was a good idea not to go to sleep. It wasn’t and so we returned short after with getting a rotti on the way back.

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