Bentota – The End of the Tour

And we finish our tour in Bentota.


We arrive at sunset, perfect time to buy fresh fish at the local market. We decide to buy a red snapper of about 3 kg and 1 kg of prawns which we enjoy on a beach barbecue which Kosala and some of his friends perfectly prepare for us. They also prepare some delicious rice and a pineapple salad and of course the famous garlic butter sauce! After finishing our dinner the party goes on with reggae rhythms, house music remixes and some guys playing the bongo. And arrack, a lot of arrack for everyone!


He next morning the survivors went to the beach to enjoy the waves on the beautiful beach of Bentota. After some hours in the water the sun finished my “prawn” style, even sun block factor 50 didn’t prevent the red touch on my skin.


After the reunion with the rest of our sleeping party people we enter the boat to go to the lagoon with our friend and captain Kosala. He shows us some almost invisible chameleon in the trees next to the lagoon with his super eyes. Something only he can do. We stopped somewhere at the border to see a small crocodile with which we made some fotos and the man who gave us the baby crocodile explained us he will release it to the wild when it is about 1 year old.


After the search of a bigger crocodile which we didn’t find we climbed a rock in the lagoon and entered the mangrove wood where we did some monkey style tree climbing and enjoy a cold lion in the shade of the trees.


Kosala invited us to a restaurant next to the lagoon where we had two huge para fish, prawns and some amazing calamari. With a full stomach we finished our trip and returned to Hikkaduwa.

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