Nuwara Eliya

On Monday early morning we start our tour to the top of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya. Short outside Arigam Bay near the road we had an encounter with a big mouthed friend. A crocodile sitting next to a waterhole.


After this I fell asleep. And woke up somewhere near Ella some hours later. There we stopped for some spicy mango and saw the monkeys playing around near a beautiful waterfall.




Some kilometers above we did a short walking trip up to small adams peak what was just like a 30 minute hike but with an incredible view all over the valley. After enjoying the view after taking some breathtaking pictures we walked back down the hill and went to have a “coco passion” what is a opened coconut with passion fruit. But passion fruit was already out so we took som coconut with lime and some with pineapple. Was amazing!





Walking makes hungry and we stopped at a expensive looking restaurant with an almost same incredible view as from the top of little adams peak for having lunch. The prices were cheaper then all the other foods we had and I enjoy my beloved deviled chicken again.



With a full stomach we set into our van and took the last hour to Nuwara Eliya. I felt asleep again and the drive ended really fast. So we arrived our hotel right before sunset and checked in. Thirsty again, arriving to the city center we entered the first building saying “pub”. Wasn’t disappointed and ordered some refreshing corona beers. After the first beer we realized that we didn’t see anything from the city with beautiful golf courts and impressing buildings that seem from the time of the British colonialists. Ok, Nuwara Eliya was also called little England back in 1846.


When we headed outside to see something it got already really dark. But it’s never too late for dinner and we went to a local restaurant for some rice and curry. Was really good but soon after we arrived back at the hotel and went sleeping a little earlier then the days before because of the train ride we have early the next morning. Good night.

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