Happy new year 2016

After a long journay we finally arrived in Sri Lanka. Kosala was already waiting for picking us up at the airport and we left to Hikkaduwa.

In the middle of our way down from Colombo to Hikkaduwa we did a stop for some food and at the point we wanted to leave again our car didn’t start again.

But around 1.5 hours later some mechanics fixed it and we continued our way down.

To celebrate our start in Sri Lanka we went to Mambos to have some beers. Ok, 5 of us. Ari left the group to get a nap.

Some beers later the sun went down and it was time to prepare us for having dinner.

For dinner we went to see our friend Chamara at Neela’s and I took one of my favorite dishes down here in Sri Lanka: Deviled Chicken.

After dinner we went to Why Not to say hello to our friends there and started the party with some drinks there.

The big silvester party was at Mambos. A lot of people, bad music and some nice fireworks celebrated the old year with us!

At around 2 o’clock in the morning we thought it would be a great idea to go to Top Secret. So we took a TukTuk. Unfortunately the TukTuk hitted a motorcycle and both, TukTuk and motorcycle, were broken. Luckily nothing really happened to the people.

After a short time in Top Secret we left ti Our guesthouse The Den and went sleeping.

Happy new year to everyone!

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